Sustainable, unending ceramics to create unforgettable spaces

Terraklinker-Gres de Breda manufactures high quality outdoor ceramics using sustainable natural materials. The company manufactures six collections of extruded natural stoneware in various textures. The resulting ceramic is robust, very resistant to sliding and frost, making it a very versatile product for outdoor spaces. Terraklinker flooring does not age, rather it improves over time because of its durability, timelessness and natural appearance. The location of the factory alongside the quarries allows a minimal transport footprint in environmental terms and the environmental values of the area to remain unchanged. They take care of thermal use throughout production and no industrial wastewater discharges are generated during the processes.
Terraklinker's environmental commitment has led them to implement sustainable production processes to manufacture natural stoneware with a clear objective: minimise environmental impact and maximise durability. The water and selected clays, together with a fully controlled heating process, make its natural stoneware into a durable ceramic. Its flooring outstrips the shelf life of a building, meaning it contributes to lower resource consumption and reduces the environmental impact. Throughout the manufacturing process, Terraklinker takes into account the Best Available Techniques (BAT), economic cost, installation, location and environmental characteristics to create various measures to be considered to reduce environmental impact in various matters such as hazardous emissions, recycling of materials and water and energy savings.