Office buildings

Modular gymnasium for JAB (in-house gym)

Zaragoza, Spain
Modular gym within business facility
Cubolife has modular gymnasiums, such as the one installed at JAB, to offer people the chance to do sport whenever they fancy in the workplace. The idea of these gymnasiums, and this one in particular, was to bring sport and healthy life habits into the workplace. This would then allow workers to exercise first thing in the morning, during a break or at the end of the working day. All of which means no leaving the workplace and no time otherwise wasted. These modules have a capacity of up to 10 people and include professional sports equipment, face detection (face mask recognition and temperatures), and automatic ozone-based disinfection. In addition, the gyms are fully self-sufficient and sustainable, operating as they do with photovoltaic panels on the roofs, and made from 80% recycled material. Measuring a minimum 15 square metres, they can be set up anywhere - e.g., gardens, beaches, building roofs, public parks, technology and industrial parks, etc.


The solution installed at JAB makes it easy to do sport at any time in the workplace and without the need for staff. This means that when you have a break, a meeting is cancelled or you have a free hour you can make use of this gym. As no staff are required to oversee the gym, head on into the office at 7.00 in the morning before starting your work day - or at the end of the work day - and you can also make use of it. These gyms are perfect for making the most of the day, feeling full of energy and improving work performance through improved health and happiness.