Sports facilities

Gambito Golf Club

Calatayud, Spain
Modular gym for a golf club
Gambito Golf Club Calatayud was the first golf course to install a Cubolife gym. The company located the gym within the club to offer a transversal service to its members, offering something for the whole family to enjoy. Thus, while some play golf, others can exercise in this innovative gym with its wonderful views of the golf course. Undoubtedly, this will provide an extra motivating factor to those exercising within. Cubolife offers a complete indoor and outdoor training system. In addition to being modular and connected, the gym is also self-sustaining as solar panels (optional) can be installed on the roof to provide the power so it has lighting 365 days a year, even on cloudy days. The installation can also be powered by electricity if the solar roof version is not chosen. The goal of all this is making its fully connected, self-sufficient modular gyms available to companies, clubs, city councils and sportsmen. This, in turn, facilitates the pursuit of sport and, likewise, one's health and well-being no matter where you are.


It is a creative solution for a club that had very good sports facilities such as paddle tennis courts, but lacked a gym. By installing this modular gym, they have covered this need and are also employing an area that required neither serious works nor occupies a great tract of land.