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“Velocitauro” sculpture in alabaster

Sculpture in alabaster, Spain
Sculpture in alabaster to decorate a large space
This work, made of alabaster (a translucent crystalline rock, considered semiprecious), was designed to decorate a large space. This large piece represents the figure of an energetic bull whose anatomy sets this work apart. The paleness of the material gives it a touch of mystery, since it seems an unreal, imaginary or fantastic figure like a ghost or mythical being. This piece was made using direct carving, without the aid of a sketch, and measures 130 x 177 x 63 cm. Alabaster is abundant in the quarries of Aragon. Its use comes from ancient cultures, as well as its name, that is Greek in origin. That is why alabaster is a suitable material for any work that establishes bridges with the origins of our civilization