José Miguel Abril – Escultor

Sculpting stone for restoration, architecture, decoration and specific pieces

Since 1996, José Miguel Abril has been a sculptor working in stone. He began his professional career working on religious figurative art, making carvings for churches and private commissions, mastering form and direct carving. 2006 saw him specialising in sculpture and participating in the Sagrada Familia project in Barcelona. His stone works have been used in the restoration of historical monuments, construction, design and decoration. His sculptures prove mastery over matter: stone, alabaster, terracotta, wood and bronze, all of which seem to be have been moulded by hand. His work can be seen in churches, cathedrals, castles, palaces and cities, but he has also produced pieces for awards and private collections. The artist has exhibited internationally in New York, Paris, Berlin, The Hague, Utrecht and Oslo, among other cities around the world.
Creativity is a constant for the artist, as each project is unique. The work arises from one's experiences, concerns and artistic and literary inclinations. On the other hand, the works undertaken on commission are designed so that the client has an exclusive piece that is perfectly adapted to the space where it will be displayed.