“Diseña Más”

Aragón, Spain
Creation of a method to manage the design of products, services and corporate identity for SMEs.
The Diseña Más project analyses long-term information (organisational means, internal procedures and processes) and short-term data on its markets (company position, attractiveness, growth, etc.) and its products and services (life cycle, profitability, etc.), as well as brand perception. With all this information a decision can be made on which products to launch and which projects to develop. Companies can be involved in three ways: • Product Design: this provides greater insight into how to improve the organisation's design processes, and analyse its positioning in the market and product portfolio. Qualitative research methods are used and an orderly design process is conceptualised. • Design Identity: this allows the identification of any existing coherence between the corporate identity and what is perceived from the outside thanks to critical analysis and qualitative market research. The result of this process is a series of recommendations to develop a realistic, all-round corporate identity program (company – brand – product). • Design Services: this enables reflection on the business model and designs a new service or reviews some of the existing ones to rethink them.