Sonae Shopping Centre

Lisboa, Portugal
Energy saving by way of replacing the lighting in the car park at a shopping centre
The Sonae Mall covers an area of over 100,000 square metres, and is home to over 300 stores and 6,000 parking spaces. Zalux was involved in work on the car park at the mall. The building was equipped with an old lighting installation, which the company replaced with LED technology, sensors and adjustable drivers in order to optimise energy consumption. The mall requires proper lighting for security reasons. To achieve the objective sought, Zalux mapped the space in order to identify both the underused areas and the especially well used areas. This additionally resulted in the improved effectiveness of marketing strategies through being aware of the ideal locations for the placement of ads.


During off-peak hours, when the influx is minimal, energy savings are potentially greater because the luminaires do not need to operate at full capacity. In any case, the design ensures that they are only lit in the event that natural light does not provide the established optimum lighting. With the help of electronics, a minimum level of illumination is maintained, and by means of proximity sensors the light is increased to the desired level. Using both technologies can result in savings of up to 70% compared to a standard LED luminaire.