Intelligent lighting for industrial spaces anywhere in the world

Zalux is a company that has been manufacturing industrial and explosion-proof linear luminaires for zones 1 and 2 since 1980. It exports to 75 countries around the world. Its luminaires tend to be installed in underground car parks, "out of the way" areas (back of the house), warehouses, elevator tunnels, passageways, etc. The explosion-proof devices are usually fitted in areas with constraints, such as meter rooms, gas/diesel tanks, warehouse vehicle battery charging points, etc. In its product range the company includes the latest innovations in LED lighting and control, in line with the highest international quality standards
The appearance of the LED system and the progressive development of electronics prompted the company to offer solutions that ensure energy savings. Thus, in little used parking areas, they offer options to lower consumption to a minimum while there are no people or vehicles present thanks to the detection sensors. In addition, Zalux is increasingly using 100% recyclable materials and is participating in an R&D&I project with the University of Zaragoza to use biodegradable plastic and, at the same time, meet the requirements of the locations where its luminaires are installed.