European-certified materials and equipment for sports facilities around the world

PYTA came about to meet the commercial demand for all kinds of materials and equipment for the construction of sports facilities. Since 2015, the company has been centralizing the purchases of materials to use European suppliers -mainly of Spanish origin - and exporting them to its partners in a multitude of markets, with projects spread throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Their activity is framed in three areas: sports flooring equipment, sports equipment and lighting solutions. They work with the main sports equipment marketing companies, understanding the needs of each client and finding the best product. Every year they are involved in the installation of 150 football pitches and a multitude of paddle tennis and squash courts, multi-sports facilities, tennis courts, athletics tracks and playgrounds.
Whenever possible they tend to use recycled materials in the construction of sports facilities. Its main product, SBR (comprising granules from recycled tyres), is a sustainable and more environmentally friendly alternative to the usual artificial fillers. In addition, it has achieved a better mechanical performance and greater durability compared to all other artificial fillers.
Innovation in the company is linked to the development of new materials. Along with the development of recycled materials, they have now begun to introduce other natural materials into their processes, including olive pits and cork. These materials complement and improve the performance of the facilities.