Avant-garde stone: black marble

Gramablack processes quarried stone from the town of Calatorao in Zaragoza province and converts it into exclusive pieces of black marble. After fifty years of experience, the company is now a national and international benchmark and its products are available in markets around the world. With the support of the Grasa Group, the company has all the technical and human resources to offer the finest results in stoneware. They work side by side with architects, interior designers and landscapers to create products that inspire their projects and bring their expectations to life. There are over 2,000,000 m3 of reserves at Gramablack, which are mined by the open pit method, and date back to the 15th century. Since then, the master stonemasons of Calatorao have been responsible for passing on their knowledge of working and processing the stone to each successive generation. The Calatorao marble limestone belongs to the Jurassic period (over 170 million years ago) and is characterised by a degree of crystallization that gives it unique tones. Its lightly veined texture and the presence of fossils enable polishing that results in an elegant yet intense black that can provide answers to any design project.
Stone is a natural product that does not pollute or consume CO2 during its manufacturing process. Its carbon footprint is limited to the contributions derived from being processed in the factory and from transport. In addition, it is a 100% reusable and recyclable material, features that help minimise environmental impact. As a complementary activity, the company also produces aggregates for the construction sector (concrete, asphalt, fillings, embankments, layers and drains), a process that allows 100% of the material extracted from the quarry to be used. In addition, aggregate manufacturing equipment can be installed in different parts of the site, thus reducing lorry traffic and contributing to energy savings.
Gramablack has a Technical Architecture and Design Office to advise its clients, where feedback facilitates the design processes, which end up being unique proposals with a high added value regardless of the size of the job or the sector for which it is intended. In addition, the company invests in R&D&I to develop new products and finishes that can break into the market thanks to their innovation, design and functionality. That is why they have been working with the University of Zaragoza. The result of this effort are their Urban, Landscape, Architectonic, Art & Deco, Home, Luxury and Funerary Art collections, which stylishly respond to the needs of each design area with great character.