atBIM Building Engineering

Digital design and BIM workflows for architecture and engineering

atBIM Building Engineering is a BIM architecture and engineering consultancy firm that creates solutions and products for the real estate and construction market. The multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers and developers specialising in the modelling of construction and civil works information can shed light on even the most ambitious of commissions. Using the most advanced technology and software, they facilitate the transition of projects to the BIM method to optimise processes and avoid human error. They use software programming and development to automate project development processes, documentation and computer graphics, planning (4D), budgeting (5D), energy analysis (6D) and facility management (7D). The company has its own cloud to store all project information in the one place and make changes collaboratively. It has a Virtual Reality application to transpose projects using gamification tools so that future buyers have a fully immersive shopping experience.
atBIM has developed its own automation and workflow management applications for different tasks: - State app: a web configuration tool for real estate developments to turn the sale into a digitised interactive experience. - atBudget: a web application to control and manage the financial costs of projects. - BIM space management: tools based on BIM models to manage preventive maintenance tasks for buildings from multi-user and multi-platform web applications. - Web app to monitor the Internet of Things (IoT): a tool to track integrated systems within a BIM model from a web browser. The information ends up being accessible from a single interface which can be tailored to the particular needs of each project.