Ariño Duglass

Tempered glass with art, resistance and innovation

Ariño Duglass is a company with over 50 years experience as an international benchmark in the transformation of high performance glass, specialising in the railway sector and architecture for iconic buildings. A high quality technical product and a firm commitment to ongoing research and innovation combine to see the company at the forefront of the glass sector. The company provides 'ad hoc' solutions for projects in the architecture sector. They specialise in high performance glass for façades, interiors, skylights and complex structures. They support each project by offering advice and consultancy to architects and engineers, transforming ideas and needs into glass solutions. Their solutions for the railway industry include technology, functionalities and design to achieve the best results in the manufacture of full windows, external doors and interior glass in high-speed, long and medium-distance trains, metros and trams. Ariño Duglass glass is notable for its mechanical and impact resistance against the penetration of objects, minimum weights, air noise attenuation and solar coatings. All this is focused on satisfying the safety and comfort of passengers.
They provide high performance products for energy saving, using recyclable and environmentally friendly materials. No polluting emissions emerge from their factory to affect the environment; they have opted for the circular economy, and their R%D&I department develops and manufactures products and solutions that contribute to environmental improvement and minimising pollution.
They live and breathe research and technological development, collaborating, cooperating and running projects with different organisations and institutions. Since 1995 there has been an Ariño Duglass Chair at the University of Zaragoza for training, dissemination and research into all matters glass. The firm also works with companies, technology centres and universities to develop competitive solutions, participating in a variety of projects at national and European level.