Design and manufacture of specific solutions for hospitality professionals

Araven is an international company that designs, manufactures and markets articles for the hostelry professional. It is a pioneer in the design of products for the preservation and handling of food in the hospitality and commercial catering sector, and for purchase equipment in the retail sector. Since 1976, Araven has been developing tools that are easy and comfortable to use, versatile and offer all necessary food hygiene guarantees. This, then, helps compliance with regulations and everyday work in the kitchen. They offer advice and training on products, conditions of use and regulatory compliance. Their worldwide team of professionals accepts a commitment to personalised service and attention. The objective is to develop their clients' business and the sector through efficiency in the kitchen and ensuring the highest quality food throughout all its processes.
As an organization it is working within a framework of respect for the environment. It coordinates its principles with those of its clients and vendors; suitably manages the environmental issues arising from its processes and activities; minimizes consumption in the processes and the generation of emissions and waste; continuously improves ongoing activities to achieve the least impact on the environment; and enlists all employees to be proactive participants in complying with the above points and in managing the environmental value.
Araven products are developed by and for chefs. The goal is to generate new concepts in maximum functionality for the hospitality professional. They join forces with expert consultants in food safety, as well as chefs from all over the world, who contribute their experience and knowledge so that the design of the product responds to the needs of the most demanding tasks. The feedback received from kitchen professionals and on-site observation of their processes, together with food safety, form the basis for the development of new products.