Office buildings

Design Station headquarters

Zaragoza, Spain
Design of an avant-garde space for the offices of an interior design studio
LA ESTACIóN DEL DISEÑo is a studio where the design does their work with their feet on the ground. This technical office has multi-purpose furniture that enables the existence of various spaces in one. Measuring just 23 m2, it includes an open-plan room, two work tables and customer service, an architectural drawing area for the realization of the draught projects on a drawing table with a drafting machine from the 70s and a meeting room for 3D presentations with the help of its samples and materials unit. This all flows together in an elegant, avant-garde and eclectic manner.


LA ESTACIóN DEL DISEÑo devised this multidisciplinary space for its own use. All the elements in the project help in using the office. A versatile piece of furniture has been developed with multiple positions ensuring a diaphanous space, two workstations for customer service and a presentation room.