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Multi-program TV set

Zaragoza, Spain
Design and engineering of a multi-purpose space for a television network to broadcast programmes
Bloquetech accepted the challenge laid down by Aragón Televisión to design a multi-program space with modular elements that could be transformed in just a few minutes and would be equipped with the latest audiovisual technology. The Bloquetech design department worked hand-in-hand with the production team to define the needs that shaped the space: a modular versatile design created so that four different programs could be broadcast; integration of the latest audiovisual technology and inclusion of easy-to-move modular elements (over 4 metres tall) that are resistant enough to withstand the demands of live television.


The space and all its component elements were designed based on the technical requirements. At this point the Bloquetech engineering team came in to develop all the elements, choosing the materials, the right technology and making sure that everything could be manufactured as planned. In the next stage the elements were manufactured, being considered as prototypes since they were unique and special elements and in many cases had to be validated in the workshop to certify that they worked correctly. The end result is a totally new space in which everything is thought out in detail, from the floor to the handle with which the parts are moved, and it can go from a rustic décor to a technological one in a matter of seconds.