Sports facilities

Longchamp Racecourse

Paris, France
Custom hardware to support the weight of sliding doors in stables
The Longchamp Racecourse sits on over 57 hectares of land between the Seine and the Bois de Boulogne in the French capital. The facility is equipped with Estebro hardware, which are responsible every day for supporting the weight of the sliding doors of the chambers at the racecourse, allowing the racehorses to enter and leave their stables before and after each race. This racecourse has over 360 doors of different sizes, which meant that Estebro assembled different ranges of products according to the needs of each door, installing the hardware of the U-40 range in small and medium-sized doors (up to 300 kg) and the U-60 range in the largest and heaviest doors (up to 450 kg). Due to the contained weight of the doors, it was not necessary to use the U-70 range (up to 2,000 kg), since no door exceeded 450 kg.