Espahotel Plaza España

Madrid, Spain
Manufacturing and assembly of furniture for tourist accommodation
Alcomobi was responsible for the design and manufacture of the furniture of the recently renovated Espahotel Plaza España Hotel, located in Madrid's old quarter. This hotel has 86 rooms divided into four types. Given its strategic location, it has a high occupancy rate that required functional, durable furniture. The client chose Alcomobi to refurbish the furniture and fittings of the rooms.


The great challenge for the company was to equip rooms and suites in the establishment with a kitchen integrated into its design and functionality. The kitchen, consisting of a fridge, microwave, hob, extractor hood and sink, should remain out of sight when not in use yet, at the same time, be comfortable to use. To achieve this, the technical team at Alcomobi created a system composed of a cupboard with folding doors that has become one of the differential advantages of the hotel.