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NACEX logistics centre

Madrid, Spain
Goods traceability technology (through video) for a logistics centre
The installed solution is fully integrated with the system with which the company manages its 31 centres and 300 franchises. It guarantees the traceability of each package in the automatic sorting systems, and resolves any incident through quick direct access to the visual verification of the recorded video associated with the journey of said package.


From the largest cross-docking platform in Spain, they supervise the traceability of all the goods that circulate in their logistics platforms thanks to video systems that guarantee 100% incident resolution. They installed 150 cameras to control vehicle access, the overall security of the complex and the display of the route for each package with special emphasis on three key points: the areas of induction (loading goods onto the belts), measuring (automatic classification) and ramps (exit point, heading to the corresponding destinations). The sorters use 3 Mpx cameras with infrared up to 30 metres that offer high image quality even in conditions of low light. For the overall security of the platform, 360º (6 Mpx) cameras are used that enable the entire complex to be viewed. There are LPR cameras in the access points to read the license plates of vehicles and manage them through black/white lists defined by the security managers.