Improving the innovation ecosystem through efficient water use

The ZINNAE cluster for efficient water use unites companies of different types and public agents to promote the efficient and sustainable use of water. The four objectives of the cluster are: to promote innovation for companies in the water sector; to be a benchmark in the field of innovation and knowledge; to offer solutions to water management challenges; and to build bridges between partners and other sectors to guide them towards the green economy. ZINNAE helps promote projects to improve sustainability hand-in-hand with competitiveness. To achieve this, its lines of action are based on the development of efficiency projects in the water and energy nexus. An improvement in processes through digitalization in the industry means a reduction in costs.
Zinnae has spearheaded water and circular economy projects to recover the waste generated in the integral water cycle and the possibility of converting such a waste and what it would cost to turn it into a product, such as, for example, the recovery of sludge from treatment plants. The actions implemented in the rural environment, e.g., optimised purification, the deployment of 4.0 solutions in water management and intelligent investment in water management in small municipalities, result in savings in the operation and maintenance costs of water infrastructures in rural settings and cost savings for public coffers.
One of the pillars on which ZINNAE's activity is based is contribution to innovation. To do this, they encourage the participation of Aragonese SMEs in innovation projects, facilitating their access to public funds to support innovation and promoting their competitiveness in the international market. They also promote demonstration projects that allow companies to bring their most innovative products and solutions to the market, encountering commercial arguments for users and customers.