The cluster that unites all the actors fostering sustainable tourism in Aragon

The Aragon Sustainable Tourism Cluster is an association of sectoral companies and entities linked to it, whose objective is to promote, train and innovate in the tourism sector with a firm commitment to sustainable development and in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A place of shared governance where public administrations, technology and research centres, public and private Universities, business schools, public and private companies, professional associations, and the Chamber of Commerce, among others, represent the interests of Sustainable Tourism in the Autonomous Region of Aragon. Membership of this cluster is through the figure of the partner, for businesses in the tourism sector itself (wholesale and/or retail travel agencies, booking offices, rural accommodation, etc.); associates from business activities in other related sectors (transport companies, financial institutions, communication and marketing, catering, health and beauty, etc.), and any organisation whose objective is to promote and complete what is available for tourism. All of them will be able to participate in the meetings and activities organised by TSAC, with a single criterion: promoting Aragon as a sustainable tourism destination that is transversal in nature and into which the entire value chain is integrated.