Somma Confort

Design, technology and health protection for the best in mattresses

Somma Confort is manufactures, markets and distributes all kinds of bedding products from mattresses to pillows, box springs, canapés and upholstered bases. The company is firmly committed to innovation, both for the internal structures of its mattresses and for the coatings and finishes. Among other materials, they use smart fibres and 3-D fabrics that facilitate permeability and aeration. Somma Confort is also committed to health and hygiene: the materials used in the manufacture of its mattresses are hypoallergenic, which prevents the proliferation of bacteria and mites. The selection of materials guarantees optimum performance given their flexibility, resistance and hygienic qualities. They apply these materials to the most avant-garde and original designs, thus obtaining a high-tech product that meets needs in terms of adaptability and comfort, as well as the most demanding aesthetic tastes
At Somma Confort they not only choose the finest components for their products, but also ensure that they are ecological and environmentally friendly. The mattress manufacturing process is free of pollutants such as halogens and CFCs. Their products are also easily recyclable.