Secure Stone

When the solidity of natural stone and large-scale porcelain merge with innovation

Secure Stone is a Spanish company working on the processing, project management and installation of all types of products related to construction, natural stone and large-scale porcelain. They cover everything from manufacturing to marketing, both for private projects for home décor as well as for construction and renovation at any level for both national and international projects. They have extensive experience of over 35 years in the sector and are engaged in the creation of new textures and designs, developing projects and totally innovative construction products to create a watershed in the sector. The company is noteworthy for its projects involving the modular construction system for industrialized bathrooms and toilets and its system of emplacing ventilated façades (patented by the company).
The modular construction project for bathrooms exponentially simplifies the design, manufacture and arrangement of a full bathroom, whatever its size, resulting in significant savings in time and money. This system allows them to completely structure the design of a bathroom with all its facilities, connections, accessories, etc. having already been arranged and considered in a previous design. The Amorterada Securestone façade placement system is based on laboratory tests for the arrangement of any constructive element on façades. It consists of a stone veneer on the façade that is attached with cement-based elements and bolts and is ultra-safe and has a resistance that is ten times greater than what is currently on the market for large format elements. This advantage allows Secure Stone to offer a warranty of up to 10 years on its façade.