Bedding solutions designed for the international hotel sector

Pikolin Contract Group is one of the business units of the Pikolin Group - one of the leading figures in the European bedding and contract market - and works exclusively with equipment for the international hotel industry. With over 65 years of experience assuring high levels of quality and service, PCG supplies the leading Spanish hotel chains and hotel groups in the world on 5 continents. In addition, PCG offers a wide range of value-added services such as storage, transport or assembly of the product anywhere in the world. Pikolin ensures its production methods are sustainable and its sales methods are responsible. 2018 saw the good practices and responsible energy management certified with the ISO 50001 by AENOR. In their new facilities in the Zaragoza Logistics Platform they have reduced the consumption of electric energy/m2 built by 14% and the consumption of natural gas in production/m3 built by 40%, while increasing production capacity and standards in comfort (temperature, lighting, etc.) by 30%. 18% of the energy consumed comes from renewable sources (water, solar thermal and photovoltaic panels).
All the cardboard used is recycled in origin, as is over 90% of the polyester fibre used in the pillows and mattresses, 60% of the plastic packaging for the mattresses, and 65% of the wire of the sets of springs, 95% of the volume of the stonepik legs and all the paper elements (guarantees, instruction manual, labels). All of its fabrics, fibres and foams are certified under OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, guaranteeing that they are free of substances harmful to human health, and any product withdrawn by Pikolin at the end of its life cycle is managed by authorised managers.
Pikolin's research, development and production departments can provide unique solutions and maximum precision for any project or need.