Marsol e Hijos

Bringing History back to life through decoration with antiques

Marsol e Hijos is a family business that brings back the past to infuse a passion for history and collecting among professionals and private individuals. In addition, it offers solutions for the decoration and construction of singular spaces so that these spaces can become unique places. Their key values lie in a respect for art, culture and quality personal service. Marsol e Hijos brings back a range of materials used previously in very old constructions that, given their uniqueness, are much treasured in the field of real estate refurbishment. Additionally, they have an extensive collection of antiques of all eras and styles, with unique pieces from the 16th to the 19th century. Working to bring antiques back to life requires constant creativity. Relocating a past piece in a contemporary place where it can impart its identity and history is an objective the company works on with its clients to create unique spaces.
Working with antiques implies a strong commitment to sustainability because the driving force behind the profession is to reuse and recycle products that have been around for hundreds of years and may continue to exist for many more. Marsol e Hijos has a specific line of work to promote the reuse of period building materials, a very specific niche that guarantees the survival of materials that would otherwise end up discarded.