Kyrya Group

Design Attitude: integral bathroom fixtures & fittings with their own identity

The Kyrya Group is a business group specialising in complete fixtures and fittings for bathrooms. It offers customised made-to-measure creative and innovative solutions for each space. They manufacture bathroom fittings and fixtures and mirrors under their own Kyrya brand and solidsurface, countertops, shower trays and bathtubs under the Durian name. The Kyrya Group is recognisable for an evident versatility in its creative capacity, great latitude in the customisation of each piece and a clear vocation for design, conceived as a bridge to a better quality of life. The design is a hallmark that remains etched into each of its projects. The Group's production process is 360º to control the entire process: creation by its design team and tested by its R&D department according to the strictest quality standards.
The company employs manufacturing methods and processes that limit waste and energy consumption.
The Kyrya Group works to develop innovative and creative solutions through a design team, R&D department and manufacturing team working together. They have a 360º production process.