R&D and technological development at the service of companies to create new products and solutions

ITAINNOVA is the technology centre pertaining to the Government of Aragon. Since 1984, they have guided and helped companies to excel and be more competitive through innovation and technological development. They help develop new products, improve processes or create new business models and pursue R&D projects, consultancy and technical support services in laboratories. Its values as an organisation are the guidance and bond with customers, technological leadership, its personnel, being a multidisciplinary centre and its sectoral knowledge.
Their vision emphasises the commitment to sustainability and reads: "Alongside companies, organisations and individuals, we foster knowledge and technological innovation to help us grow, and to create solutions to the challenges of the digital, green and social world we have imagined". Within its Scientific/Technological Plan, several R&D lines directly related to sustainability stand out, focusing on eco-sustainable and recycled materials; material recovery processes; climate-neutral components; sustainable material transformation processes; and energetically sustainable electrical systems and EMC.