High added value innovative technological solutions for all contract channel sectors

Inycom combines technology and business to help achieve success. They have been developing advanced solutions and services with high added value for clients in the most diverse sectors and fields since 1982. They have a global team of over 850 committed professionals and an extensive international network of strategic partners that allows them to pursue projects in Europe, South America, the Middle East, North Africa, etc. Their ICT Business Unit specialises in sectors such as banking and insurance, industry, public administrations, telecommunications and so forth. Meanwhile, its Laboratory and Hospital business unit can run large global turnkey projects, perform the electro-medical maintenance of a hospital, as well as distribute the latest developments in medical and laboratory equipment. In addition, they have transversal teams specialising in energy efficiency, engineering and innovation, that can provide support for the needs particular to each sector.
Inycom has an externally audited environmental policy in which they commit to minimising environmental impact through the implementation of effective preventive programs based on an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 and certified by AENOR. In addition, they help other companies to be more sustainable thanks to their division specialising in energy efficiency for different sectors. Moreover, their R&D department is involved in European projects that aim to promote clean energy through the use of resources such as hydrogen.
For Inycom, innovation is one of its hallmarks. They have a clear commitment to R&D&I through the undertaking of projects and a belief in people as value generators. They currently invest over a million Euros in their Engineering, Integration and Innovation Department (i3), which comprises a multidisciplinary team that can generate customised solutions with emerging technologies that provide solutions to the problems experienced by organisations in different sectors. They are also seeking to foster entrepreneurship and investing over €600,000 in R&D projects.