Innovation at the service of signage: photoluminescent and safety solutions for buildings of all types

With a notable international dimension, Implaser is a leading manufacturing company and benchmark in Spain in the production of photoluminescent and security signage and accessible products made using screen and digital printing techniques. As the first Spanish SME to obtain an R&D&I certificate, they have managed to develop products under the strictest quality standards with a very clear objective: to create safer and more accessible spaces. The company is a pioneer in the use of electronics for dynamic signage. Electronic devices are incorporated into conventional signage to encompass it within the new concept of Smart Cities and Industry 4.0. With these devices the company is offering users an answer, guidance or information depending on the needs of the installation location.
In a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility since its inception, the company has performed a study of the environmental impact produced by its manufacturing to calculate its carbon footprint, a necessary initial step to begin any potential reductions and compensation. In addition,all the energy used in its facilities is 100% renewable. Furthermore, 99.9% of the inks used for its production process are low-volatile inks cured by UV light polymerization, which significantly reduces the release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) into the environment.
As the first R&D&I certified SME in Spain as of 2005, it offers innovative solutions with the following lines of research: Luminescence: continuous improvement of its lighting products, increasing the degree of luminescence and service life, improving performance against different adverse agents such as pollution, anti-graffiti, and micro-organisms. Development of new photoluminescent materials and accessibility: new luminescent materials (plastic, ceramics, etc.) for various decorative and safety applications. Electronics and communication: dynamic signage for Smart Cities, with different indications depending on the need at the time.