Over two decades designing and manufacturing custom furniture for communities

With more than 20 years of experience in the market, ARMARIOS IMOR designs and develops materials and products -many of them patented - to produce custom-made furniture for companies and communities of all types. The company has a technical and design team that can find a solution to any request from a client. ARMARIOS IMOR manufactures and sells custom wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes, headboards and bedside tables, and sliding doors. The company's work can be found in homes, hotels, nursing homes, student halls, cottages, hospitals, health centres and government bodies, among other buildings. The company also works with private and professional customers, such as renovations companies.
The company is constantly fostering actions that reduce the production of objects likely to become waste; actions that allow products to be reused to give them a second life; and promoting recycling through waste collection and treatment operations that make it possible to reintroduce it into a new life cycle. Boards, glass, aluminium and packaging are among those products recycled.
Imor has developed its own computer program - Proimor - which allows the company to generate all kinds of product designs (wardrobes, dressing rooms, etc.), and view projects commissioned by clients in 3D colour. The tool also streamlines the entire manufacturing and installation process.