Design, production and marketing of intelligent sanitary fixtures with design in mind

Founded in 1996, Griferías Grober (GRB) is an Aragonese company that designs, develops, produces and markets a complete range of thermostatic taps for homes, mixer taps and fittings in general. The business vision is neither one of mass production nor is it price-oriented. Instead, it contemplates fittings as an element of decoration, with design, technology, savings and ergonomic values typical of a consumer good. Thus, the GRB policy is one of developing new and innovative products with added value, enhancing the corporate image of an increasingly technological feature. As a result, the large number of patents, utility models and design protections developed by GRB in recent years stands out. In addition to being certified GRB fittings are endorsed by international patents accrediting them as first-class manufacturers. GRB Live, Intimixer and Dpura are patented projects designed for the end user.
GRB promotes sustainable water management working off a primary objective, the manufacture of fittings and thermostatic taps with the control necessary over the technology, efficiency and consumption to achieve the efficient use and management of water. By installing these systems there are significant water and energy savings all the time. A stand-out among its products is the development of GRB Live, a thermostatic tap system that, in addition to comfort, safety and water saving, offers precision in temperature, keeping it stable.
GRB fittings are not only certified, but also backed by international patents. GRB Live, Intimixer (first ever range of thermostatic taps for intimate hygiene) and Dpura are patented projects designed for the end user. Dpura is the technology that is incorporated into kitchen taps with a scrubber, a minimalist design that enables the purified water to be activated with a single touch. GRB has developed a safety lock system that prevents any flooding in the home. Then there is GRB Soft, which is the system that defines the characteristics of its mixer cartridges. The linking of its components perfectly conveys manual temperature selection.