Ghessu Bath

Stylish bathroom accessories adapted to any and all needs

Ghessu Bath is a conglomeration of metalworking companies with over 25 years of experience. Together, they are involved in commercialising complements and accessories for hotels. These products continue to be improved so they adapt to the new needs of the market as they arise. Its products are made using leading brands, undergo controls and tests certified by the Valencia Institute of Biomechanics (especially those intended for geriatric use) and possess the European Union's CE quality seal. Among its products are the different accessories necessary to equip a room at a hotel or retirement home: dryers, steam stations, magnifying mirrors, hygiene and protection elements, wardrobe hangers and technical aids, with a particular focus on geriatrics and accessibility.
As a consequence of the crisis caused by COVID-19, during 2020 access and improved hygienic products were developed, as were those for collective protection. They are designed for use in public spaces and accessible to everyone.