Fundación CIRCE

Solutions to boost sustainability, resource efficiency and renewable energies

Founded in 1993, the Fundación CIRCE is a technology centre that seeks to provide innovative solutions for sustainable development, an objective for which they have a highly qualified multidisciplinary team. They work to improve the competitiveness of companies by generating technology transfer through R&D&I activities and market-oriented training within the field of sustainability and efficiency, encompassing resources, energy networks and renewable energies. Since its inception, the Fundación CIRCE mission has been to improve the competitiveness of the productive sectors, helping companies to grow their sustainability. In a constantly evolving situation, it is essential for companies to adapt and seek new solutions that optimise their processes, improve their energy efficiency and use of natural resources and, ultimately, position them so they have a competitive advantage in their respective sectors.
CIRCE helps companies throughout the innovation value chain, from the generation of ideas to find answers to their needs to the transformation of these ideas into solutions, whether in the form of products, services or know-how that may fit in the market. In line with the challenge of dealing with major environmental problems there are, among others, LCA (life cycle analysis) studies that allow progress in sustainable development by calculating the environmental impacts and potential costs associated with a product, process or service, covering the entire life cycle from a holistic perspective.
CIRCE's innovative solutions for the Contract Channel focus on the energy and comfort modelling (simulations and training of personnel); integrated management systems (Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Building Information Modelling (BIM), Life Cycle Assessment (Environmental-Cost - Social) and Lean construction; energy consumption (energy efficiency in air-conditioning and lighting systems, energy management [monitoring and control] and integration of renewable energy); in addition to certificates (environmental certificates: product [DAP], buildings [LEED, BREEAM], energy [renovation passes] and intelligence [Smart readiness – SRI], comfort for the user [WELL] and by sector [eco-labelling]).