Feria de Zaragoza

The company has organised the 'Feria del Mueble' (Furniture Trade Show) since 2008, a benchmark for the sector in Spain

For eighty years Feria de Zaragoza has been a leading institution in Europe. Its business model is focused on offering flexible direct contact with the various sectors with a clear objective of obtaining greater profitability and implementing B2B between brands and professionals. That is how 'Feria del Mueble de Zaragoza' (Furniture Trade Show) came about in 2008. In just seven editions, the FMZ has managed to become the focal point for the furniture industry. It has developed into the key stage between the manufacturer and the sales and distribution channel.
Feria de Zaragoza works to promote the Sustainable Development Goals that are part of the 2030 Agenda. The aim is straightforwardly to disseminate and promote compliance with these SDGs, as well as act as a proponent, achieving a multiplier effect from this work. Thus, the work pursued by Feria de Zaragoza aligns with these objectives so that, for example, it contributes to improving well-being through its activity and the actions undertaken on the Feria premises. In addition, Feria de Zaragoza has years of experience working with institutions, organisations and local agents to establish agreements and strategic alliances that transfer information and resources to development areas and serve to bolster improvement projects among the different groups.