Specialists in Bluetooth audio and sound control systems

EISSOUND was founded in 1993 to introduce an innovative resource into the Multi-room Audio industry: a sound control knob aesthetically integrated into all the well-known light mechanisms on the market. This new remote control opened up an industry dominated by professional installers to electrical installers and the creation of new products for their manufacturers. For example, the company created the first “Made for iPod iPhone iPad” KBSOUND® audio kits, and introduced Bluetooth (In-Wall Bluetooth Receiver and Select BT & Space BT) and wifi (surround sound system) technology in its creations to facilitate the sound experience.
EISSOUND pays particular attention to the recyclability of the materials used. As a company, it conducts recycling actions throughout its entire creation and assembly chain to reuse the cardboard and all other waste materials generated.
The company has reinforced its range of sound products for hotel rooms and bathrooms. Its innovation process has focused on providing guests with connectivity for their mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.) to play songs, TV series or films on different systems simply and easily.