Manufacture, design and distribution of indoor decorative lighting solutions

Founded in 1995, CristalRecord is a family business that is one of the leading companies in the national distribution of decorative indoor lighting. As a consequence of acquiring another Spanish company (including its 100% "made in Spain" manufacturing process), the Ángel Aparicio Spain brand appeared four years ago to provide lights of a rather more technical nature. This brand, which is made in Spain, is continually adapting its products to client needs and requirements. Among the most successful product modifications is the adaptation of its ceiling lamps to SMART technology and home automation light regulations. CristalRecord has acceded to the ECOEMBES organisation, a program through which they can give a second life to the packaging and boxes from their products by recycling and thus ensure sustainable development in the medium/long term.
Among the corrective measures pursued in recent years is the development of a packaging line with ink printing on Kraft cardboard, aside from, as far as possible, eliminating plastic from the inside of the boxes in which products are shipped, replacing it with more sustainable materials. CristalRecord is also signed up to an Integrated Management System for Electrical and Electronic Waste as the waste from its luminaires and bulbs may contain dangerous substances that could contribute to global warming. Therefore, through properly managing and treating them, the company helps maintain environmental sustainability.
One of its star products in the Middle East, the recessed versions in a glossy gold finish, was enhanced with materials and lacquers that do not fade and continue to look impeccable as the years go by. Adaptability is another of CristalRecord's values. As a result of having to produce a ceiling fan for holiday apartments per a client's guidelines, they had to adapt it in such a way that "it would not pose a danger to children when they jumped on the bed".