Comercial Salgar

Functional, ergonomic and innovative designs for bathrooms and kitchens

Salgar is a family-run company dating back over seventy years. Their factory in Zaragoza is where they produce all their bathroom furnishings, while they sell bathroom fixtures and fittings to over sixty countries around the world. Their services focus primarily on the construction and Contract sector, and cover the functional, ergonomic and decorative needs of any bathroom. From their Spanish factory they design customized solutions and their catalogue contains bathroom furniture, screens, sinks, accessories, shower trays and mirrors for hotels, new construction, renovations, restaurants, hospitals, retirement homes and flats. Salgar is constantly evolving to be at the forefront of design, creating stylish yet functional bathroom fixtures and fittings. From the inspiration found in international fairs to the first sketch, through 3D modelling to the initial prototype, created by furniture craftsmen. Before a product sees the light of day, there are over 50 tests involving different prototypes, materials, colours, finishes and components that subsequently and prior to manufacture must pass an exhaustive range of resistance and quality controls in their test laboratory.
Over 95% of the wood they use in their processes is PEFC from sustainable forests, and their facilities and production processes have been adapted to reduce emissions of volatile pollutant compounds. Moreover, the company has a comprehensive waste management plan and has implemented a program to replace plastic packaging with recyclable and recoverable packaging.
The COMPAKT series product line is an example of the team's research and development process, constantly merging new materials and cutting-edge design. Behind each product in the catalogue there are more than fifty tests of the material, colours, finishes and components that go through a demanding wear and quality control in the laboratory.