Clúster de la Energía de Aragón

Melting pot for any energy sector-related solution

Established in October 2017, the Aragon Energy Cluster (Clenar) is an Innovative Business Group (AEI) that aims to contribute to improving levels of competitiveness and to help launch innovative initiatives connected to the energy sector. At present, the cluster has over 70 partners, among them companies, public entities and research and knowledge hubs. The activities pursued by Clenar's partners cover the entire energy cycle from production to transport, supply and marketing, through companies that specialise in renewable energies, equipment, facilities, research, engineering and consultancy, among other sector-related businesses. Currently Clenar is creating synergies that foster the pursuit of initiatives that include but are not limited to the following: renewable energies, energy efficiency, electric mobility, intelligent networks (Smart Grid) and distributed generation (Smart City). This is helping contribute to the construction of sustainable intelligent solutions, tending towards self-sufficiency with the use of native renewable resources.